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Farmers Trend

Farmers Trend  ( is an online agrarian entryway which gives a stage to agriculturists to get data and counsel on cultivating abilities and additionally creative thoughts on sustenance supportability. The entryway has numerous sources which control the agriculturists on the cultivating abilities identified with different types of farming. We have joined forces with different agronomists…


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We are an online agricultural information portal providing solutions to pressing issues affecting farmers in Kenya, like access to information,

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Besides content, we are accredited fruit seedling raisers where we sell almost all common fruit tree seedlings to farmers within and outside Kenya

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Farmer’s Trend is an online agricultural portal which provides a platform for farmers to get information and advice on farming skills as well as innovative ideas on food sustainability. The portal has many sources which guide the farmers on the farming skills related to various forms of agriculture. We have partnered with various agronomists and extension service providers in the implementation of our goals and agendas, and this has grown our exposure to many farmers countrywide leading to award winning for different agricultural awards and interviews with various local and international media houses.