Farmer’s Trend is an online agricultural portal which provides a platform for farmers to get information and advice on farming skills as well as innovative ideas on food sustainability. The portal has many sources which guide the farmers on the farming skills related to various forms of agriculture. We have partnered with various agronomists and extension service providers in the implementation of our goals and agendas, and this has grown our exposure to many farmers countrywide leading to award winning for different agricultural awards and interviews with various local and international media houses.


We are an online agricultural information portal ( providing solutions to pressing issues affecting farmers in Kenya, like access to information, research, and technology in farming, market trends and connecting farmers with potential market/buyers. The portal is run and managed by a group of Kenyan youths who are much involved in supporting and enlightening the smallholder farmers appreciate modern farming skills, technology, value addition and diversification towards sustainable agribusiness.

Farmers Trend portal is visited by an average of 0.5 million individuals monthly, this is visitors with interest in farming, are farmers seeking solutions, persons involved in agribusiness and the likes. Farmers are already using our blog to make changes in their farms, and their income and livelihood are improving, new entrants have been motivated by the success stories shared on our website, and this might mean they can turn their farms into successful businesses and do much more than that.


  • Encourage more youths to join farming as a business hence reducing unemployment and eradicating poverty
  • Increase economic growth through farming for a food secure country
  • Support value addition to maximizing impact
  • Promote value chain growth and diversification


To mobilizes and engage young farmers to ensure their success.


We envision a country where youths who are willing to work, get trained and take a little risk to supporting themselves and their families through farming.

To be the leading agricultural media in Africa


  • Collaboration – We believe in teamwork, trusting, sharing and supporting. Together we can achieve. 
  • Partnerships – We are committed to being a partner of choice with our communities and engage with them with responsibility, integrity and respect. We are part of the solution. 
  • Commitment – We are results driven, and passionate about our mission in agriculture and pursue it in everything we do and how we do it. 
  • Ingenuity – We believe in new and innovative thinking. Open minds. Entrepreneurial. Expanding possibilities. 
  • Compassion – We understand, support and value others. 
  • Courage – We believe in thinking outside the box. We embrace change and challenge. Our courage gives us confidence to succeed. 
  • Passion – We aspire to be the best at everything we do.